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Chilean Airline Liveries

My original aviation themed website.

Launched in 2003 this was quite an advanced website using Macromedia Flash (now Adobe Flash) animation, or .swf files. The illustrations are very basic profiles of aircraft, but very popular with hobbyists and historians.

I've reactivated it due to constantly high demand from followers around the world since I shut it down in 2015.

I will aim to update it with missing liveries and aircraft in between my primary focus, which are the high detail precise prints.

Click on the image to visit the page.

The first airline to operate a domestic passenger jet service within the U.S.

A very brief recount on a cheeky manoeuvre from a U.S. national coming up very soon.

LADECO Chilean Airlines
It's two main logos

Where did their "L" logo and accompanying orange and yellow livery originate? What was with that double blue and yellow triangular logo?

Boeing 707 Diffs
An Illustrated Guide

A simple illustrated guide coming up very soon.

The Boeing 707-138
Did Boeing really manufacture an aircraft simply for one airline?

A brief explanation of how the QANTAS Boeing 707-138 came to be.

A compliment no longer tolerated.

An illustrated example of 3 Chilean airlines that "borrowed", adapted and formally adopted other airline's liveries.

Why are the main boarding and disembarkation doors on the left hand side of an aircraft?

Ever wondered why? Someone used to keep an eye on things.....

An explanation will be ready soon.

More tid bits coming soon

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